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Michael Kinsman has been a partner in Kinsman & Kinsman, CPAs, for 35 years. As Kinsman & Kinsman joins Capata, Michael brings clients in industries as diverse as biotechnology, retail clothing, personal services (attorneys and medical professionals), real estate, private equity and high technology electronics. He provides personal services to high net worth clients as well as those of not as high a net worth. He has extensive experience in estate and trust taxes and accounting.

Michael received  a BA in mathematics and economics with distinction from Claremont Men’s College  and an MBA and Ph.D. in finance from Stanford University. Dr. Kinsman was the Luckman Distinguished Professor of Finance and Accounting at Pepperdine University, where he has taught for 44 years. He also taught on the faculty of the University of California, Irvine, for 12 years. He taught a large spectrum of finance and accounting classes at each institution.

He was named Citizen of the Year in Laguna Beach in 2013.

Email: mike@capatacpa.com